San Antonio Tile Flooring Sample

A Better Way To Buy Flooring In San Antonio

Most San Antonio flooring companies are "show-room centered", meaning you go to their store and look at flooring samples in the showroom.

That's fine in some cases, but the decor, color scheme, and lighting of a showroom may be very different from the location where you want the new flooring installed. These factors can dramatically change the way your chosen flooring looks once it is in place.

Yes, the other San Antonio flooring retailers can usually provide you with sample pieces of your top choices to take with you (as can we), but looking at a few-square-inch sized sample is not nearly as useful as comparing the professional-size samples available in their showrooms.

In the 30+ years our family has been installing flooring in San Antonio, it has been our experience that it works much better to bring the flooring samples to your location rather than having you come to a showroom.

That way, you can choose your flooring by how it looks with your lighting, your colors, your furniture, etc..

With this in mind, we invite you to schedule a free flooring consultation in your home or business.

We'll come out, measure the area, and show you a wide variety of samples from the top flooring manufacturers in the country.

Regardless of whether you want carpet, hardwood, ceramic tile, laminate, or some combination of different flooring types, since we don't have the high overhead involved with having a big showroom, we can provide you with some of the best flooring values in San Antonio.

So, call us today at (210) 380-1182 to schedule an appointment and discover what
Bob Nichols Floors can do to beautify your home or business!